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Commercial Maritime
Skipper Courses

Take your maritime career to the next level...

with practical training towards your skipper’s ticket

If you’re passionate about the sea and want to advance in your career, you have come to the right place for domestic skipper training.

Our commercial maritime courses equip you with the knowledge and skills to become a commercial skipper or marine engineer.

You will gain the qualifications to skipper inshore, coastal and offshore vessels, including…

  • Water taxis
  • Tugboats
  • Fishing vessels
  • Passenger ferries
  • And more

As an independent maritime training provider, we host both New Zealand and Australian skipper courses, so you can find the best fit for you.

Simply assess your goals below to find out which course is your best option or browse all our skipper courses. Be sure to contact us if you have any questions. We’re more than happy to guide you in your course selection.

What Are Your Maritime Career Goals?

Click to find out which course is right for you…

I want to skipper a commercial vessel up to 12 metres (or 24m with endorsement) up to 12 nautical miles from shore. This course is eligible for Fees Free

I want to skipper a comercial vessel less than 12 metres up to 12 nautical miles from shore and have more commercial seatime.

I want to skipper a commercial vessel less than 24 metres up to 200 nautical miles from shore.

I want to work on the engineering side of things, or combine this with my skipper’s ticket

Browse All Skipper Courses

Skipper Restricted Limits training courses

Skipper Restricted Limits (SRL)

Our SRL course is the newest and most practical skipper training course in NZ. You will complete your Training Record Book with a tutor on our block course

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Water Taxi: training courses nz

Coxswain Grade 1

Coxswain Grade 1 is the Australian equivalent to New Zealand’s SRL certificate. It’s easy to convert Australian certificates to New Zealand ones when you follow the guidelines

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Master Near Coastal: equivalent to NZ’s Skipper Coastal Offshore

Master <24 Near Coastal

This Australian qualification is equivalent to NZ’s Skipper Coastal Offshore. It’s easy to convert Australian certificates to New Zealand ones when you follow the guidelines

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Marine Engineer Driver qualifications


This Australian qualification is equivalent to NZ’s Marine Engineer Class 5, while MED 3 is equivalent to MEC 6, the first step in your engineering career, or in combination with your skipper’s certificate

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Why Choose Us?

Our mission is to provide practical skipper training courses to help you take your maritime career to the next level.

Skipper Training in NZ AUS

Student Focus

You will be paired with a tutor who will guide you through the whole process from start to finish.

Suit Your Needs

We offer a variety of NZ and Australian skipper training courses, so you can choose the path that’s right for you.


Courses are individualised to foster an efficient and enjoyable learning process. We can even come to you.

What Past Students Say …


Longer courses are generally more successful in attracting government funding, which is why many NZ courses appear to have extended in length (e.g. ILM/SRL was extended from 5 weeks to 24 weeks). The Australian courses are approximately in line with the original length of NZ courses.

NZ companies and individuals have been travelling to Australia for training for the last 4-5 years – about the same time the NZ courses suddenly got longer.

If you are constrained by time and need a shorter course, choose an Australian course delivered and tutored here in New Zealand.

You’re going to hear some lively debate about this from some providers, but Maritime NZ determines what is safe in regards to our waters. They review, compare and publish a list of equivalent certificates, which aligns the NZ and Australian qualifications.

You can operate a vessel under NZ Martime rules as soon as you have submitted an application to MNZ for recognition of your Australian certificate, as long as the vessel and areas fall within the NZ equivalency and you meet the NZ requirements.

Yes, the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) recognises New Zealand seafarer qualifications, so you can work there if the vessel and areas fall within the Australian equivalency. You’ll need to apply for a certificate of recognition, and must be an Australian or New Zealand citizen or permanent resident.

We work with a few different schools to make sure you get the best options. The Certificate in Domestic Maritime Operations (SRL) is delivered through SiS Training and Consulting, an NZQA Category 1 provider (that’s the highest possible level).

Australian courses are delivered through Merlin Maritime Intl. who will also conduct your AMSA Mandated Practical Assessment (AMPA)

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MMI - COVID19 - Maritime Courses

Are courses continuing to run?

We're moving to a mix of live sessions with the tutor and students working and interacting in real time online. These are scheduled classes and are like a classroom, but you participate from home. We are working out how we can complete the practical assessments in the developing environment, but are absolutely committed to making this work for you.

What if I book a course, get sick or need to self-quarantine?

We want to give you peace of mind to continue your course and will work out something that works for you.

What is Skipper Training NZ doing to prevent cross contamination during courses?

We are ensuring we exceed the NZ Government recommendations.

How can I get more information?

Contact Milo or Ruby on 0800 546 9700 or email [email protected]